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Arlington Advocate
November 12, 2015
Arlington Singer to Debut "The Beauty All Around"
“Arlington resident Will McMillan will debut “The Beauty All Around,” a program of songs he wrote over the past five years....”

Edge Boston
September 30, 2015
Will McMillan and Steve Sweeting Find Their Sweet Spot with New CD
“In the world of pop, jazz and cabaret vocal performance and recording, good chemistry between singer and accompanist....”

Arlington Advocate
November 14, 2013
Arlington musician and partner return to Scullers
“McMillan and Carrey are putting their harmonies front and center....”

Edge Boston
November 13, 2013
Singing Duo In ’Perfect Harmony’ At Scullers
“Successful cabaret artists in their own right, they each have numerous solo shows...”

Theater Mirror
February 25, 2008
By Beverly Creasey
Oscars All Around
“Their voices blend so magically you'll think you've never heard such intricate harmony before...”

February 14, 2007
By Joshua Shea
There's Something About Stephen...
“WILL LOVES STEVE is a roller coaster of New York-style cabaret in the heart of Cambridge.”

Bay Windows
February 8, 2007
By Brian Jewell
A Man For All Stevens
“WILL LOVES STEVE could make a cabaret fan out of anyone.”

Theater Mirror
February 2007
By Beverly Creasey
Songs For A New Will
"He dances, he moves like a pop star and he delivers Stephen Schwartz’ clever, sardonic “Dancing Through Life” with oodles of style. Move over, Justin Timberlake."

New England Entertainment Digest
February 2007
By Jules Becker
Will Loves Steve
“Best of all was his moving delivery, complete with impeccable phrasing, of the stunning song “Connected” by Steve Schalchlin from the Off-Broadway musical The Last Session."

The Boston Globe
June 4, 2006
By Joel Brown
This Next Song's By Steve...And the next...And the next
“Music somehow shifts me over to a different place, where there is love, there is hope, there is connectedness."

May 31, 2006
By William Henderson
New Solo Show
“It's really great to go into a show that's solely yours and do it without compromise.”

Theater Mirror
December 10, 2005
By Beverly Creasey
Trio Mix Business and Pleasure
“Carrey and McMillan are a lovely match, both musically and theatrically. Their cabaret performances always sparkle and surprise, together or by themselves...”
December 8, 2005
Takin' Care of (Cabaret) Business
By Joel Brown
“It’s tricky to keep a show like this from being merely a revue, but as shown by their previous ‘If I Loved You,’ McMillan and Carrey are up to the task of constructing something that’s more than the sum of its parts.”

November 28, 2005
By John Amodeo
Cabaret Pick of the Week
“Showing exactly how to succeed, McMillan and Carrey’s December 7 show was sold out over a month in advance.”

The Boston Herald
November 21, 2005
By Rochelle Stewart
This Show Is All Business
“It’s creative. It's humorous. It's even provocative. What is it? It's a musical about business.”

Theater Mirror
February 20, 2005
By Beverly Creasey
Spring Is Almost Upon Us
“Love is in the air and if Bobbi Carrey and Will McMillan reprise their exceptional celebration of the feeling, run don’t walk to get your tickets.”

Cabaret Hotline Online
February 16, 2005
By Ida Zecco
Bobbi Carrey & Will McMillan: If I Loved You
“Blame Those Gershwins,” (Steve Sweeting) and “Easier To Love,” (Maltby & Shire) were beautifully sung and exceptionally performed by McMillan.”

The Boston Globe
February 9, 2005
By James Reed
Loves Me, Loves Me Not
“Bobbi Carrey and Will McMillan are hip to love in all its deliciously dark glory.”

The Cambridge Chronicle
February 9, 2005
By Ed Symkus
Bpbbi Carrey and Will McMillan: If I Loved You
“Carrey and McMillan present a splendid set of cabaret-style performances of tunes from the Great American Songbook.”

Boston Herald
November 26, 2004
By Sarah Rodman
McMillan and Carrey Sittin' In A Tree…S-I-N-G-I-N-G
“In preparation for the release of their splendid concept CD ‘If I Loved You,’ the dynamic local cabaret duo scoured the Internet and Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations for thoughtful musings on amour.”

Boston Phoenix
November 26, 2004
By Jon Garelick
The Week In Music and Other Audible Treats
“On their new CD If I Loved You, local cabaret avatars Bobbi Carrey and Will McMillan show off their attractive pipes and musical control, but also the literate sensitivity that’s so important to the Great American Songbook classics they extol.”

The Allston-Brighton Bulletin
November 24, 2004
By Matt Robinson
Local Stars Return To Town
“It has everything to do with how connected the person is to the song and how much they are able to let their own personal experiences filter through and be expressed by the song,”

New England Entertainment Digest
November 2004
By Jerry Bisantz
If I Loved You:
CD Release for Will McMillan & Bobbi Carrey
"Be taken on a beautiful, emotion-filled ride by Will McMillan and Bobbi Carrey as they perform songs from their newly released CD, 'If I Loved You.'"

Arlington Advocate
September 30, 2004
CD Release Party at Scullers

“The response to our sold-out Valentine’s show at Scullers last February was so strong,” said McMillan, “that we decided we were ready to record a CD.”

Boston Herald
February 13, 2004
By Aidan Fitzgerald
Love Gives Fan an Embrace
“By the end of the show’s final, title song by Rodgers and Hammerstein, audience members were wiping tears and clapping madly. Now that’s amore.”

The Cambridge Chronicle

January 29, 2004
By Matthew S. Robinson
Voices of Love
“From the love between partners to the love between owners and pets to the love between ex-spouses, the show will run the gamut of the heart.”

New England Entertainment Digest

September, 2003
The Envelope, Please: The First 25 Years
“‘The Academy Awards are not only a part of America's history; they are also a mirror of the times,’ says Bobbi Carrey.”

May-June, 2003
Seven From Boston Selected to Attend Inaugural Cabaret Conference

“The Cabaret Conference, making its debut this year, is an internationally focused, nine-day teaching program that will offer an intensive look at the art of cabaret performance technique, and train professionals for the live entertainment industry.”

Boston Herald
March 23, 2003
By Sarah Rodman
An Intimate Sound: Hearing Cabaret's Growing Appeal
February 21, 2003
By Wendy Kupferman
“RODGERS, HART, & HAMMERSTEIN is a real treat…I could have stayed for hours.”

Boston Herald
March 2002
by Dan Gewertz
Irving Berlin Songs Rouse Patriotic Fervor, Touch Hearts

Theater Mirror
March 2001
by Beverly Creasey
Company's Up and Coming

Boston Sunday Globe
Sunday, January 16, 2000
by David Wildman
Cabaret Promoter
Grows Into Performer

The Boston Herald
Tuesday, February 8, 2000
Cabaret Advocate
Opens 'Sketchbook 1'
To Boost Singing Career

Bay Windows
February 3, 2000
by Robert Nesti
Impresario Front & Center

January 4, 2000
Where to go, what to do & why
by Scott Kathan

New England
Entertainment Digest

Volume 21, number 2
February 2000
Cover headline article

The Boston Globe
February 9, 2000
GO! column
by Carol Beggy
Ready and Willing

New England
Entertainment Digest

September 1999
by Jules Becker

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January 26, 2000
Editor's Pick

The Boston Globe
Tuesday, July 6, 1999
Names & Faces
by Carol Beggy
and Beth Carney
They'll Come To
The Cabaret